Counseling/Coaching, Metaphysical Education, Shamanic Healing, Life Integration, & Frequency Enhancement


Learning the history of alchemy will lead to knowledge of the great work or 'Magnus Opus' in Latin. This is the purpose of soul alchemy. The "Great Work" is the process of awakening ourselves to our inner divinity while also consistently evolving through integration. Integration or 'enter great' ion (as I call it) is aligning and integrating our life dimensions (body, soul, emotions, mentality, and environment) with our values and lessons from this timeline and and multiple lifetimes. This '5D' development allows us to ascend to the 5th density/dimension. Completing the great work of the soul will ultimately develop the 'philosopher's stone' which is reported to bring about eternal life. The deep truth that is uncovered is that we are and have always been eternal...


There are seven (7) areas of life that need our attention. Dependent upon your needs and goals one (1) or all areas may be explored. The seven (7) areas are explained in the bottom section. Those who are suffering from addiction in the ICRC reciprocal countries and residents of the state of Michigan may benefit from individual counseling. All others around the globe will receive coaching and esoteric consulting. Ask about our ability to accept Michigan health insurances.

Tier 1


{Heart of the Matter}


{or $199 per session}

Focuses on the predominant need and goal for the individual's expansion.

Initial 30 min Discovery

Up to 2 additional sessions

3 Enhancements

1 Custom Gift:

Reiki Charged, Custom Gemstone Bracelet

2 Warrior Elements:

15ml Sovereign 7 Oil

15ml Sovereign 7 EMF Spray (electromagnetic frequency)

Tier 2


{Authentic Voice}


{or $159 per session}

Focuses on supporting evolution along one (1) to three (3) of the major seven (7) dimensions of life.

Initial 30 min Discovery

Up to 6 additional sessions

6 Enhancements

3 Custom Gifts:

Reiki charged, custom gemstone bracelet or mala

Custom Pure Essential Oil Blend

Custom Topical Oil Blend

Custom EMF Spray

2 Elevation Gifts:

4 Elements Bath Salts

Definitive Life Journal

Tier 3


{Third Eye Open}


{or $129 per session}

Focuses on three (3) or more life dimensions of concern with Spirituality as the anchor and integral component for elevation.

Initial 30 min Discovery plus

9 Sessions

9 Enhancements

Custom Gifts:

Reiki charged, custom gemstone bracelet or mala

Personalized Aura Kit that includes:

Custom Energy Maintenance Plan

Custom Bath Blend

Custom Pure Essential Oil Blend

Custom Topical Oil Blend

Custom EMF Spray

Curated Personal Sound Bathing Instrument

Curated Smudge Incense Pack


Review your major life challenges to determine what customized jewelry piece and other enhancements you need to assist you in your specific evolutionary process. Sometimes we need to enhance certain frequencies in our vibration like, peace, strength, amplification of psychic abilities, love, authenticity, truth, etc... The earth provides sound frequencies, herbs, essential oils, minerals, crystals, and metals that can assist us in achieving our goals and wishes in multiple areas of life.


The physical represents our carnal form, health, muscularity, weight, vision, hair, skin, shape, age, clothes, and overall appearance. This is how we want to appear and how we represent ourselves in the physical world.

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Financial responsibility is created out of necessity. We must make room in our life experience for the mastery of finances as money and commerce have become formidable powers in the world. As such, we must understand and rectify our relationship with money in order to carve out a comfortable and safe place in the world where we are still able to be in relationship and transactional exchange with the rest of society.

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Emotions are the impulses created within our hormonal changes as result of stimuli. Sometimes that stimuli is trauma, happiness, or other experiences along the pleasure/pain axis. Our emotions are powerful energies that can become our worst nightmares or are greatest allies. Much of this depends on our values, perspectives, and learned behavioral responses.

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These are the life experiences we wish to have as energy in physical form. They include our relationships with blood family, chosen family, partners, and others. This also includes tangibles and exterior experiences. Tangibles are things like owning a mansion and a Bentley or living in a fabulous custom tiny home. Experiences include having that mansion overlooking the ocean on a private beach or living in a low cost tiny home so we can wander from country to county in Europe, Asia, or Africa 6 months out of the year.

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The mental domain is about our perceptions, intelligence, knowledge, and cognitive connections. Out mental state is affected by education, experiences, socializations, and interests. Our mentality is a part of the collective conscious and has our soul's personality imprinted upon it.

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Occupation is what we do in order to meet our basic needs. The evolution of occupation is about living our lives according to our mission and purpose while receiving enough resources to sustain ourselves and our families. It's about finding the balance between the need to pay the bills while caring for our loved ones and enjoying the passion of play while calling it work.

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Spirit means air or breath. What we really mean is the invisible energy that animates organisms. Spirituality for many of us is the source and foundation of life everywhere in the multiverse. Each soul has a different spiritual path. Those that find value in the perspective of spirituality whether through religion or self discovery tend to find greater meaning and therefore greater fulfillment in their human life.

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