What is the purpose of Elevate Me?

Our purpose is to elevate the vibration of those who participate in our offerings. We believe that there are no accidents and no coincidences. All things are in Divine Order. If you stay and enjoy what we offer, we anticipate that engagement will uplift, inspire and assist in shifting thoughts, patterns, emotions, or paradigms toward spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional evolution.

What qualifies you to be a spiritual guide?

As a toddler, a benevolent presence asked if I would follow a virtuous path.  I said yes to the opportunity and have experienced a consistent overflow of positive, protective, and enlightening energy throughout life. Many universal truths continue to be revealed and are shared accordingly with those I guide. Most professional relationships have been spiritually led to me. I have had the privilege of counseling souls from age 3 to age 104 years, of varying genders, cultures, religions, spiritual practices, histories of trauma, etc. My formal education and professional experience have prepared me with the advanced degrees, training, certifications, licensure, and compassion needed to take this sojourn with you.

What does Esoteric Consulting entail?

Esoteric consulting or actualization is a way to expand our metaphysical experience and deepen our relationship with the universal source of life. For many of us, our spiritual journey started in a church, temple or mosque under formal religion like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. Some find this either too constricting or we long for more and are pulled to expand our knowledge and experience beyond what religion appears to offer.

Esoteric guidance is about awakening our soul to the various wonders of divinity within and outside of us. The ultimate goal is to master our human life within the framework of how Divine energy impacts us so we maintain balance, achieve integration, and expand love.

Is Elevate Me right for me? Who is this platform for?

Elevate Me was created because my therapy and Non-Profit consulting clients began to lean in heavily for spiritual guidance. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, executives, teachers, healthcare professionals, doctors, pastors, founders of organizations, and spiritually gifted practitioners. Some are individuals who are "called" to be leaders and are resenting or suppressing their aptitudes.

The skills and/or needs of those I serve include:

- Clairvoyance or other "Clair"

- Prophecy or prophetic knowing/dreaming

- Past life regression & integration challenges

- Emotional, financial, and mental blocks

- Trauma causing stunted progression

- Clarity regarding life purpose and planning

- Healing from grief, loss, death & transformation

- Esoteric aspects of wealth, health, occupation & life experience

- Mastering manifestation & hearing intuition

- A desire for greater balance across life dimensions

- Communion with spiritual support

- Belief in nature supporting wellbeing

- A desire to master spiritual power and serve others

- Those looking for unconventional solutions for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual evolution

Elevate Me is NOT for:

- Those who lack spiritual belief

- Individuals looking for a pill or speedy solution to fix challenges without work or responsibility

- Those who don't prioritize their health and wellbeing

- Individuals who fear evolving holistically

Why is there a charge for your advanced workshops?

Many people are attempting to operate under the Universal Law of Attraction because it promises prosperity and the manifestation of our desires. My ruling Universal Law is the Law of Balance or the Law of Equity. The Universe is held in balance by measured transactions and what we do with commerce and occupation is a microcosm of this law. The elaboration and outcome of this practice are that we develop a greater appreciation and hold a higher value for that which we have invested in. These are the prioritized principles for the costs of our products and services. We believe you will expound on and expand with greater velocity upon using the tools you have a stake in, partly due to participating in the justice of exchange.

Why are many of your products only available to consulting clients?

We will create items specifically crafted for the user. In order for you to get the most out of the vibration of spiritual growth tools it is imperative that a private exchange of detailed information happens. This is best achieved in one on one consulting. We use this information in conjunction with what is known about the vibration and attributes of the metal, stones, gems and other material used to create your piece. The materials and their attributes provide an answer to balance out the needs indicated in the consulting assessment.

Our Elevation Creations and Warrior Elements make no promise to diagnose, treat, or cure any health challenge. You should always consult your health care provider in the case of serious illness or health concern.

How will I know what components make up my custom enhancement(s)?

We enclose a detailed report of each tool we create especially for you. The report explains the vibration of each gemstone, crystal, essential oil, and any other materials used and why certain metals, woods, or scents were chosen in the creation of your custom enhancement(s).

What if I don't like my custom designed piece, can I return it?

If you do not enjoy your piece you may return it within 15 calendar days of receiving it. A dismantling and cleaning fee will be deducted from your refund. Because the piece was made with the intention of being owned and accepted by YOU, it will be necessary for the jewelry to be deconstructed and the gemstone energy cleared upon return.