Angela T.

"I’ve received 2 pieces and customized oils for relaxation/better sleep within the past 2 years from Elevate Me.

To say I am pleased with the products is an understatement. When worn, they not only compliment my attire,

they receive compliments as well. I love the information that accompanied the pieces which gives a full description of your piece.

Additionally, my customized oil for relaxation and better sleep is extremely helpful.

My sleep has improved and my room is fragrant. It’s a 2-for-1!

My pieces and oils are not only original, but they are also sustainable. Elevate Me has a long-term buyer in me!”

Deb F.

"Just wanted to let you know the bracelet, I love it and it helped keep my emotions calm with dealing with everything.

I want another one in a one strand so I can wear it when I clean and do other things in the everyday. Thanks for everything!"

Kim C.

"Elevate Me Esoteric Consulting helped me move past the false narrative I had created for myself. She has a way of hearing what I really said instead of what I thought I was saying about various events, people, and experiences. That statement may sound crazy to some; however, I am no longer hard of hearing. What I mean by this is I hear my thoughts clearly and quickly assess what is “victim posture” and what is true. No one is doing anything to me except me. When I get emotional about something that happened in the past, I understand now I am lying to myself in the present. The situation does not exist in the present moment. To hold on to the thought is to give life to something that is not even real.

I absolutely love this program! Emotions about the past do not dictate the words coming out of my mouth or how I feel in the present. I see life as an adventure. As a result of my progress with Elevate Me Esoteric Consulting, I am moving forward, living a GRAND ADVENTURE! I am free to enjoy the fullness of life. And I AM!

Jodi has helped me become an improved version of myself. I get to laugh at my hiccups instead of beating myself up. So, when I engage with others, I bring light and love instead of weighing everyone down with my pain (from the past). I am enjoying my own company. Life is good and getting better every day.

I strongly encourage everyone who wants to feel better/happier about their life to enroll in Elevate Me Esoteric Consulting. Jodi understands who we are as Spiritual beings having a human experience. She is an excellent guide and is fully present for you. Yes, she does give homework. I have come to view the homework as “Self-love Work Assignments.” You have nothing to lose except garbage you don’t want. Elevate Me Esoteric Consulting teaches you how to live in a more empowered stress-free way.

Peace and blessings."

Deb D.

"I want to share with you that the EMF spray that was created for me was just lovely! The stress went away with the scent.

It took me into a whole other universe! I was able to sleep and just rest. I just want to thank you."